Discover all the ways you can use Remoco for 1on1 greatness

Create 1-on-1 meetings

Creating 1-on-1 meetings has never been easier. We’ll give you the topics, and related questions. You can let us do all of it for you, or customize your 1-on-1’s the way you prefer. It’s really just up to you!

Answer the questions

Write answers in full detail with as much structure as you need. Nothing gets lost and everything is available with ease when needed. You are able to compare the answers of different people or answers of the same person across time.

Add action items, and extra notes

It’s important that your 1-on-1 meetings also include some action items. Action items are always connected to a 1-on-1, so it's easy to trace back where they came from. In addition to being able to add answers to 1-on-1 questions, it’s still good to be able to write down extra notes and ideas that come up from the conversation.

Flag the feedback

Flagging your 1-on-1 questions will help you to define the status of the topic. If a problem raises from a question you asked, you can mark it red, and it will automatically appear on the next 1-on-1. You see? We always got your back!