Why Remoco?

Why Remoco?

Easiest tool to help you be on top of your 1-on-1s

There’s just no easier tool than this

No fireworks, no amount of features that make your head spin. No need to put lots of time into learning it.  And if you do need support in using it, we’re here to help. Remoco does what it needs as quickly  as possible, with no hassle, and no time. Communication itself is already challenging enough - we require a tool that will make your life easier.

Questions that give you the feedback you actually need

To be able to get the right feedback, you have to ask the right questions. We’ll give you more than 100 questions from the question bank, and several templates that you can use, starting from onboarding an employee, ending with exit interviews. You just pick the one you currently need, and you’re half way there.

Structured notes and clear action items - no confusion

Too many notes and they’re always all over the place in different doc files? Say no more! Remoco gives you a nice 1-on-1 meeting view, where’s easy to add notes under each question, mark some topics problematic/solved, and simply create action items that you can later follow as well. 

Automatic solutions to ask for consistent feedback

Instead of spending time on your 1-on-1’s to ask the same questions every week, we’ve automized it for you. Just set up your own rules, and questions, and pick the right timing. This way you can collect constant feedback from your employees, and address issues, when the scores are below your expectations. 

The right feedback that isn’t all over the place

Struggling with handling large amounts of feedback coming from several team members? We were too! That’s why we built a clean, and simple Timeline view, which shows you the biggest updates going on in the communication world of your team. Most are sent there automatically, but you can always add information there manually too. 

Details for creating the bigger picture

Want to find out what was the answer to a specific question from all of your team members one year ago? Need to make sure you’ve dealt with all the problematic topics from 2 months ago? No problem! Remoco’s insights give you the whole picture, which will help you make better decisions in the future.