Answers to all frequently asked questions

Why is doing 1-on-1 meetings important?

There are many reasons why doing 1-on-1 meeting is crucial for your team. Doing these will

  • Help you to build trust and transparency
  • Give you constructive, and valuable feedback
  • Show you how changes in the company affect your people
  • Prevent your people from leaving
  • Keep your employees motivated, more productive, and happy
  • Help you to become a better leader

What’s not a 1-on-1 meeting?

  • Developmental interview between a boss, and an employee where the boss reviews the other person
  • A meeting to plan your tasks for the week 
  • An examination why a certain task has not been done
  • A weekly meeting without an agenda, and actions

How do I make sure I’m asking the right questions?

We have given you more than 20 topic templates, and 150+ different questions. You just have to decide what you’d prefer to talk about or what’s the current problem, and we’ll give you the right questions accordingly. Once you’ve picked the template, but feel one of the questions doesn’t meet your expectations, or something is missing, you can always customize it the way you’d like. We want to help you out if you don’t know the way, but we’ll always give you the chance to make your own way, if you’d prefer that.

How can I measure the success of 1-on-1 meetings?

That’s the tricky part we’ve made easier for you. You can get structured notes, which are easy to read. You can also pick a certain date range, and go back in time to find the answers you need. No need to go through pages of meeting notes ever again! You can measure your results by the results of scoring questions, done, and undone action items or the correlation between problematic, and solved conversation topics. We have tried our best that the feedback you receive will be easily manageable, and also put into practice.

How do I know I’m doing my 1-on-1 meetings wrong?

There are several signs that show you something is wrong.

  • You’ll feel that the team vibe is low, and you have no idea why
  • Your team members want to postpone 1-on-1 meetings
  • A person that doesn’t give you any hints of leaving, will do so
  • Your team members are not motivated, and they don’t meet their goals

Why would I choose Remoco from other tools?

  • It’s very easy to implement
  • It integrates with your email, and Slack
  • We’ll train your team to get the most out of Remoco, and 1-on-1 meetings overall
  • We’ll provide an automatic flow to ask consistent feedback, and make 1-on-1 meetings based on the results
  • Simple, and clear Insights for you to see the bigger picture, or details